Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Raising the Bar

Two weeks ago I went on an evangelistic outreach with the Bible School of the ministry. During all the prepping we were told over and over again that this was going to change so many lives in the area we were going. But, in all honesty I believe it changed my life more than anyone else's. We had a team of 36 people ages 16-60 and were able to minister to over 5,000 people during our short week there. That alone is pretty amazing. But the greatest part are the results. Out of those 5,000....over 3,700 gave their hearts to Jesus! This just goes to show that whenever we surrender ourselves completely to God there is absolutely nothing impossible. 

All of this to say...it's time to raise the bar. Christianity today has become "normal". Let me tell you, it's not suppose to be that way. If our lives make sense to the world then we're not doing something right. Lately I've been annoyed with how I live my life. God has given me everything, yet what do I do with it? He's given me everything I need to walk in my dreams, to walk in HIS dreams. I lack nothing. I have the power to do anything. Christians have the power to change cities, to change nations! There's power in the name of Jesus. So why aren't we speaking His name everywhere we go? A true Christian's life is crazy. It seems ridiculous to those around them because it makes no sense. During the trip I was on I was able to talk face to face with so many teenagers, and I was straight up about what it means to be a Christian. I'm not going to lie. Being a Christian isn't the easiest thing you'll ever do. It's hard because God asks us to do hard things. It's easy to sin. It's hard to separate ourselves and be different. It's hard to go up to that person on the street and tell them God loves them. It's hard to be the example of Jesus all the time. But all God asks from us is obedience. I know for a fact, because I've lived this over and over again, that no matter how crazy the thing that God asks us to do is...He'll always meet us on the other side. He knows exactly what we need. His plan is greater than mine, so why shouldn't I live for Him and Him alone?

This is a dare. Let's raise the bar for Christianity. Let's live like we have everything we need to change this world (BECAUSE WE DO). We're equipped for a great work. God has so many plans in store for us. It's time to start living those out right now!

No more "normal".
It's time to bust out the crazy, ridiculous, "what the heck are you doing" life.
Because...that is true. That is following after God with a passion, and living for Him 100%.

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